Congratulations, Emilia Lakic

On behalf of all of us at Ballet Theatre Australia, we would like to congratulate Emilia Lakic who has been offered a contract with Ballett Vorpommern in Germany.

Emilia’s unwavering focus coupled with persistent and consistent hard work has given her a chance to work in a professional environment.

Wishing Emilia all the very best with her future endeavours.

Student news: Congratulations to Emilia Lakic, who has been offered a contract with Ballett Vorpommern in Germany.
Photography by Clinton Plowman

“Whenever we dig down into the achievements of a creative artist, we invariably trace them to the beginning of beginnings: labour” (Galina Ulanova).

Few things delight us more than when one of our students fulfils his or her dream and secures a professional dance contract. Yes, we enjoy one of the highest conversions rates per capita in the country, but the sheer thrill of it never wears thin or grows old. In fact, with each student who makes the leap from full-time student to professional dancer, we’re reminded afresh about what truly drives us. We’re reminded why we arrive at the studio every morning, why we labour hour after hour, why we strive for perfection. Preparing our present students for future success, that’s what makes us tick.

What’s more, with each student that makes it into the professional world as a dancer, we sense the fresh energy that’s released among our students, both the juniors and seniors. Not only do they share the joy of a fellow student they’ve grown to love and admire, but they are inspired by the reality, too. Hard work, dedication, sacrifice and persistence are not just character-shaping elements essential for longevity and life, but absolutely critical for turning dreams into substance.

“Ballet is not a profession for me, it is my life. And that is why when people ask me why I sacrificed so many things, I could not understand what I sacrificed” (Svetlana Zakharova).

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